State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2005

A look at the progress made by the Microcredit Summit Campaign towards poverty eradication
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This report on the Microcredit Summit Campaign outlines the progress made towards, as well as barriers against, the goal of reaching 100 million of the world's poorest.

The report discusses various topics, which include:

  • The faces behind the statistics;
  • The end of poverty - an inspiring call and a daunting challenge;
  • The challenge of ineffective institutions;
  • Making way for the revolutionaries;
  • Myths that impede the contribution of microfinance to the millennium development goals;
  • More than just reaching the poorest;
  • Survey methodology;
  • Clients reached;
  • Women clients reached;
  • The use of poverty measurement tools;
  • Growth resulting from institutions reporting for the first time;
  • Regional data;
  • Reaching 100 million poorest by the end of 2005;
  • The clients that are not being counted;
  • Re-launching the Microcredit Summit Campaign to 2015 with two new goals;
  • Regional and global meetings 2004-2006.

The report concludes with the story of a woman's triumph over adversity and an acknowledgement of the Summit's success in its goal of eradicating poverty.

About this Publication

By Daley-Harris, S.