Microfinance and HIV/AIDS: Defining Options - Kenya

A look at coping with HIV/AIDS in Kenya
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This note from Kenya reports on the Kenya Microfinance and HIV/AIDS workshop. It details:

  • The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Kenya;
  • The consequent decrease in life expectancy and the country's income.

The note presents the following information about the workshop:

  • Helped participants understand a microfinance institutions (MFIs) options for responding to HIV/AIDS;
  • Provided participants with strategies to mitigate the internal, institutional and external risks of operating in an HIV/AIDS environment;
  • Supported participants through aftercare to prepare for action with an increased strategic understanding that will lead to operational change;
  • Helped MFI managers recognize the impact of HIV/AIDS on operations in terms of:
    • Drop in productivity;
    • Decline in savings rates;
    • Loss of human capital;
    • Loss of clientele.

The note concludes with testimonials from participants about the efficacy of the workshop.

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By Kiyaga, E. & Sebageni, G.