Social Performance Indicators Initiative- Phase 2 (SPI-2): Audit of the Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions- the Definition of a Tool

Assessing the social performance of MFIs
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This questionnaire is intended to supply additional information for financial assessment, and give a broader perspective on the performance of MFIs.

The first part of the questionnaire examines the historical, geographical and socio-economic context and social strategy of MFIs. It also explains the four dimensions or indicators of social performance contained in the second part, and gives the rationale for each dimension. The third part, which analyzes financial and institutional sustainability, requires MFIs to send their financial results and statement of accounts. Participating MFIs are expected to base their responses on their management and information system (MIS).

The questionnaire suggests that an external consultant may be used to discuss the MFIs’' actions, information sources and interpretations of their responses. The questionnaire assesses the following dimensions of social performance of MFIs:

  • Outreach to the poor and excluded;
  • Adaptation of products and services to the target population;
  • Strengthening political and social capital of clients to foster collective action;
  • Social awareness and responsibility.

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