Tying Odysseus to the Mast: Evidence from a Commitment Savings Product in the Philippines

The demand and supply of commitment savings (SEED) product in the informal sector
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This document highlights the study conducted for a savings product in the Philippines. It talks about commitment savings product called SEED (Save, Earn, Enjoy, Deposits) account, and the various aspects associated with it.

The document deals with the following:

  • The features associated with the product offered;
  • The methodology adopted to carry out the study;
  • The effect/results of the study conducted on men and women;
  • The current available savings offerings in the Philippines;
  • The models used to analyze the decision to take up SEED product and measure the impact of interventions on savings;
  • Determinants of time preferences for individuals using the product.

The document, further, discusses:

  • The predicators of taking up the SEED commitment savings product,
  • The behavioral aspects related to people who would take up such products
  • An analysis of the impact of household composition on the likelihood to take up the commitment product over the normal savings product.

The document concludes by highlighting the impact of the SEED product on the financial savings in the Philippines.

About this Publication

By Ashraf, N., Karlan, D. & Yin, W.