Financial Access Indicators Through Household Level Surveys Concept and Implementation

Measuring financial access and usage for households
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This document highlights the methodology and the underlying concepts used in constructing the indicators used to measure and survey the financial access of households.

The document discusses and selects the appropriate parameters that can be used as a base to arrive at the most relevant indicators used in the survey. It deals with the following:

  • Possible indicators that can be used;
  • Proposed core indicators which include the following:
    • Banked population;
    • Financially served and financially included population.
  • Additional core indicators that include the population using the following:
    • Transactions or payment services;
    • Savings and investment services;
    • Loan and credit services.

The document then talks about the possible survey techniques and the instruments that can be used effectively along with the selected parameters. It also discusses the content, the design of the questionnaire and implementation procedures that can be used in such surveys.