Microfinance Week - Luxemburg - Guidelines

A preview of the Microfinance Week in Luxembourg
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This document introduces the issues and topics that will be discussed during the Microfinance Week held at Luxembourg during October 17 - 19, 2005.

Providing the agenda of the Microfinance Week, the paper states that the discussions will revolve around:

  • Farmers' requests which have to be described with greater precision (access to financial services);
  • Financial products which would have to be adapted to such requests;
  • Existing financial aid structures for farmers ( efficiency, management);
  • Involvement of rural organizations;
  • Financing of the rural IMF, existing and future facilities.

The document then provides an overview of the subjects that will be discussed during the week:

  • Rural financing/agricultural financing;
  • Interest rates;
  • Securities;
  • Medium term credits;
  • Individual or collective credits;
  • Savings and new products;
  • Insurance;
  • Cooperation with Farmers' Organizations (FO) among others.

Finally, the document discusses:

  • Access to funds offered as free of charge loans by NGOs that could be converted into donations after a period of observation;
  • Access to alternative sources which are not necessarily cheaper than refinancing through regular banks, but easier to access;
  • Access to refinancing by specialized banks, by banks which recycle the lenders funds or which are associated with other MFIs;
  • Clearing systems between Urban and Rural units managed by the same MFI.

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By Nieuwkerk, M.