Robust Microfinance Sectors Post-conflict: West Africa

Lessons learned in developing microfinance in conflict-affected regions
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This short note from the field focuses on how a robust microfinance sector can be developed in a conflict-affected area.

The note highlights:

  • Efforts in Liberia to restart microfinance operations now that the 13 year intermittent civil war is over;
  • The experience in Sierra Leone, where after an 11 year conflict the microfinance sector is emerging as a powerful force for development - currently serving over 40,000 clients.

Based on these two examples, the note shares some of the following insights:

  • Donor coordination in post-conflict areas is crucial since MFIs must reach scale quickly to establish legitimacy;
  • Human resources are a major bottleneck in MFI development;
  • Livelihood programs, working in conjunction with microfinance, increase the potential number of clients for MFIs.

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By Nourse, T.