Poverty and Globalization Study: Cases Bolivia and Nicaragua

A look at the relationship between poverty and globalization
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These ‘International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI) case studies aim to investigate the following topics:

  • Poverty and globalization;
  • Systematization of experiences of the affiliated regions, which include Latin America, Africa, Asia and a sub-region in Eastern Europe.

The investigations aim to describe:

  • Microfinance programs that aim to alleviate poverty in these countries;
  • The causes that originate poverty in each country and the causes of the economic crisis affecting the countries in these regions;
  • The effects of globalization on the microfinance sector.

The document begins by presenting the general framework of poverty in Latin America. The case studies of Bolivia and Nicaragua examine:

  • Poverty, globalization, adjustment and structural reforms;
  • The ‘micro-company as an answer to the crisis and poverty in the country;
  • The development of microfinance in the two countries.

The case studies conclude by describing the following microfinancial necessities in the time of globalization:

  • Promoting employment;
  • Fighting against poverty and exclusion;
  • Achieving depth and sustainability in rural finance;
  • Helping the process of integration through the entailment of different organizations;
  • Financial development of markets and products;
  • Transparency;
  • Technology and efficiency;
  • Development of an appropriate regulatory frame.


About this Publication

By Morales, R., Peres, J., Zabalaga, M., Antezana, S. , Mayorga, M.