Mission Possible: Emerging Opportunities for Mission-connected Investment

Making investments that promise returns and achieve mission
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This report examines the potential of mission-connected investments (MCIs) that help a foundation to achieve its mission, while also promising a market return.

MCIs help foundations achieve greater impact and enable them to broaden their investment horizons. They are, however, not an easy option, as they require trustees to be more actively engaged in choosing investments. MCIs also take more time and are more resource-intensive than conventional practices. Despite their potential, relatively few foundations invest in accordance with their mission because they lack awareness about MCI opportunities. They face organizational barriers as well as limited depth in the market.

The report makes recommendations to address barriers to MCIs and move the agenda forward. They include:

  • Promoting MCIs through events, seminars, articles in the press and how-to guides;
  • Clarifying regulatory position;
  • Developing a new alliance where foundations can develop and share MCI practices;
  • Supporting development of MCI practice;
  • Developing specialist intermediaries with expertise in identifying investment opportunities;
  • Offering appropriate advice and support;
  • Developing new MCI funds.

About this Publication

By Nissan, S. & Bolton, M.