Progress out of Poverty Index: PPI Pilot Training

Training on poverty assessment tool
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This guide to the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) contains the learning material of the PPI Pilot Training conducted by the Grameen Foundation.

PPI was developed by the Grameen Foundation as a Social Performance Management (SPM) tool that helps MFIs monitor the poverty status of clients and match products and services to different client groups. This training program enables participants to:

  • Get an overview of PPI;
  • Understand the statistical foundation of PPI;
  • Match PPI scores to poverty likelihood;
  • Understand basic information systems requirements;
  • Understand roles of PPI and potential uses of PPI data;
  • Identify responsibilities and required skill sets of a PPI pilot;
  • Become familiar with selected cost considerations;
  • Understand the elements necessary to develop a PPI pilot action plan.

The training guide presents discussion modules with specific outcomes. It also has templates and practice exercises to walk the participants through the different steps in implementing the PPI.

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