Microfinance Gateway Highlights 2008

Capturing industry trends, initiatives and debates in 2008
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This paper is a compilation of Microfinance Gateway highlights. It captures industry trends, initiatives, and debates that marked 2008, when political, environmental and economic crises rattled the industry.The paper discusses how Kenya's post election crisis, the 8.0-magnitude earthquake in China, and the global food crisis impacted MFIs and their clients in 2008. The articles explore:

  • Difficulties of civil-military cooperation in Iraq's microfinance industry;
  • India's complex microfinance sector;
  • Buzz about online microlending;
  • Links between microfinance and public policy;
  • U.S. sub-prime crisis;
  • Effective staff incentive schemes;
  • Methods to investigate the financial lives of the poor;
  • Growing trend of government funding of retail microfinance;
  • Effect of global food crisis on Kashf Foundation, a Pakistani MFI.

The paper also features an interview with Fazle Abed, founder and chair of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC).

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