Performing a State of the Sector Analysis: A Guide for Microfinance Associations

Guide to assist organizations in the information gathering process
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This guide discusses the importance and structure of sector analysis. It helps national and regional microfinance associations (MFAs) produce sector analysis reports for a specific region or country.

The guide aims to ensure high-quality industry research that can promote the sustainable microfinance sector development. It identifies important areas of investigation and presents key questions to guide analysis. It also offers suggestions on indicators for descriptive purposes and assists organizations in the information gathering process.

A microfinance sector analysis is a comprehensive report on the state of microfinance in a country or region. It should be descriptive and analytical in nature, and should provide information that is useful to a broad audience. Sector analyses help:

  • Government agencies, donors and industry associations identify gaps in a specific market and develop effective strategies to support sector growth;
  • Associations build credibility with government representatives;
  • Association members get a perspective on the broader context in which they work;
  • Reduce inefficiencies in the market by streamlining the process of information collection;
  • Influence public or private financing flows to a particular country or region.