Microfinance as a Method of Facilitating Research in Emergency Medicine

Using microgrants for emergency medicine research
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This article discusses the role of microfinance in developing emergency medicine research, especially in countries where emergency medicine is not established, and in new areas of research. It illustrates the concept with two examples of the beneficial effects of microgrants.

The article presents arguments in favour of using microgrants for emergency medicine research. They include:

  • Emergency medicine is still a developing field of research in many countries with hardly any academic tradition;
  • Funding opportunities and mentor support are limited;
  • Most charities and foundations focus on clearly defined diagnostic entities, leaving projects in emergency medicine research with no access to major funding.

In the examples cited in the article, small amounts of money (US$100) were used to facilitate significant research projects. The article recommends that established foundations should consider microgrants as an option with high value for money. It further suggests that interest groups such as national emergency medical societies set up microgrant programmes.

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By Hallas, P., Brabrand, M. & Folkestad, L.