Moving On: Sierra Leone Report 2009

Examining challenges to the development of Sierra Leone

This report captures recent data from Sierra Leone on population and society, political system, economy and finance, employment, agriculture, education and literacy, health, women, poverty, environment and natural resources, climate change and energy. Report findings state that:

  • Despite steady progress that Sierra Leone has made since the end of the civil war in 2002, it still faces a number of social and economic threats;
  • Government is corrupt and the political system is blurred and complex;
  • Economic growth has degenerated, and physical and social infrastructure are underdeveloped;
  • Donor aid and post war reconstruction have increased the number of jobs and training available to young people, but these efforts have been short-lived;
  • Education has made huge progress, with increase in enrollment rates and decrease in the enrollment gap between males and females;
  • Health is a serious issue, with food and waterborne diseases being common among the population.

Finally, the majority of the population lives in abject poverty, and an ever-growing mass of young and socially-alienated people are a threat to the security of the country.

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