Ready Reckoner on Microfinance

Providing a single source for all relevant information on microfinance
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This Ready Reckoner on Microfinance aims to help UN agencies, NGOs/MFIs, banking institutions, government, research and training institutions, and independent practitioners to access information on organizations, documents, microfinance experts, portal and information bases, tools, frameworks and technologies, as well as innovative experiments on microfinance and livelihood promotion.

The Microfinance Community of Practice has produced the Ready Reckoner for the benefit of members as well as project partners of Poverty and other relevant units of United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The Ready Reckoner aims to provide a single source for all relevant information on microfinance. Using the Ready Reckoner will result in fast tracking the process of collaborations and partnerships for enhancing financial inclusion, expanding the range of research areas in order to expand the sector both horizontally and vertically, enhancing interest and commitment of people in the microfinance sector, and cross pollinating ideas for adoption or replication. The Ready Reckoner includes the following sections:

  • Significant experiences in microfinance;
  • Important websites and information sources on microfinance;
  • Relevant documents;
  • Tools, frameworks and technologies for microfinance;
  • Key organizations in microfinance;
  • Professionals in microfinance sector.

About this Publication

By Microfinance Community of Practice & Solution Exchange