Status of Microfinance in India 2009-2010

Presenting an annual update on bank assistance to microfinance sector
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This report by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) presents consolidated data from commercial banks, Regional Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks in India on progress made in the area of microfinance for the period 2009-2010.

The report includes data on parameters such as savings of self-help groups (SHGs) with banks, loans disbursed to and outstanding against SHGs, details of loans to MFIs, gross non-performing assets of bank loans to SHGs and recovery performance of loans. It focuses on progress made under the SHG-Bank Linkage and MFI – Bank Linkage models. The report addresses the following aspects of development in microfinance and:

  • Financial support, capacity building and promotional efforts by NABARD;
  • Quality and sustainability of SHGs;
  • Activities and progress of Centre for Microfinance Research;
  • Technical collaboration between NABARD and GTZ (now GIZ) in Rural Financial Institutions Programme;
  • Joint Liability Groups (JLG) programme initiated by NABARD.

The report also contains statements which categorize and analyze data obtained from banks on the basis of agencies, banks, regions and states.

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