Building Houses, Financing Homes: A Study Report of India's Rapidly Growing Housing and Housing Finance Markets for the Low-income Customer

Examining India’s low-income housing markets
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This report gives an overview of the low-income housing (LIH) and housing finance markets in urban India. It presents a region wise study and analysis of operations, commercial viability and marketability of LIH developers and housing finance companies.

The report states that the LIH market is improving and has a robust supply equation in place for high quality affordable housing. Key findings include:

  • LIH market is characterized by new cities, new mix of developers and innovative ideas;
  • Access to housing finance for poorer customers has increased, and housing finance market has variety of players;
  • LIH market is attractive due to its commercial feasibility and marketability;
  • Strong economic potential exists for housing finance companies serving the poor.

The report includes region-wise maps, examples and case studies of developers and housing finance companies. It also profiles selected construction projects.

About this Publication

By National Housing Bank (NHB)