Microfinance: The Way Ahead

Exploring issues in microfinance
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This issue of the Spanda Journal contains articles on various topics related to microfinance.

The issue highlights the pressing need for financial inclusion of the undeveloped and unrepresented peoples of the world. The articles, contributed by different authors, present various points of views about microfinance. They include:

  • Current financial crisis and balancing people needs;
  • Contribution of MFIs in perpetuating poverty by acting as profit-making businesses;
  • Ways in which development organizations can reduce poverty;
  • Appropriateness and effectiveness of microfinance programs in addressing world poverty;
  • Microfinance viewed in relation to the characteristics of supply and demand;
  • Evolution of microfinance in India;
  • Need for Islamic microfinance products;
  • Challenges faced by Indias growing microfinance industry.

Finally, the issue also discusses client responsiveness in microfinance, with a focus on looking beyond merely providing access to financial services. It examines how microfinance can add value to increase effectiveness and social returns.

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