2010 Statistical Report

Presenting statistical data on the global outreach of credit unions
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This report provides statistical data for credit union organizations from a 100 countries for the year 2010. It reveals the continued growth and resiliency of the global credit union movement. The report cites data based on country responses to the survey and does not make estimates for non-reporting countries. Some of its findings include:

  • Estimated 188 million people worldwide are served by 52,945 financial cooperatives;
  • Aggregate credit union savings for 2010 grew to US$1.23 trillion from US$1.1 trillion reported in the 2009 Statistical Report;
  • Credit unions continued the global deleveraging trend in 2010 as they collectively reduced debts and grew capital reserves by 10 percent over 2009 levels, the highest rate in five years;
  • Credit union movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America continued to grow the fastest, keeping pace with their surging economies;
  • Approximately, 45 percent of financial cooperative branches, more than any other type of financial institution, are located in rural areas where financial services tend to be least accessible.

The report provides very comprehensive data on the global credit union movement and is cited widely by governments, international institutions and analysts.