International Conference on Islamic Microfinance Conference: Report

Report on "International Conference on Islamic Microfinance," June 2011, Pakistan
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This is a report on the proceedings of the International Conference on Islamic Microfinance that was held in Islamabad, Pakistan, on June 13, 2011. The conference aimed to update industry stakeholders on Islamic microfinance. More than six hundred participants used the opportunity to become aware of the spread of Islamic microfinance from experts from all over the globe.

The conference focused on recognizing Islamic microfinance as a sustainable system, promoting the Qarz-e-Hasan and Waqf concept in the Islamic microfinance sector, recognizing Pakistan as a world leader in Islamic microfinance, and discussing Islamic microfinance as a social phenomenon.

The conference helped stakeholders to gain awareness of Islamic microfinance as a sustainable solution for poverty alleviation. It:

  • Provided a platform to start a dialog with multilateral donor organizations and government agencies;
  • Helped the national and international donor community notice Islamic microfinance;
  • Provided knowledge on the various aspects of Islamic microfinance;
  • Provided opportunities for collaborations with donor agencies, Islamic banks and Islamic MFIs;
  • Ensured the continued growth of Islamic microfinance institutes.


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