Fonkoze 2010 Social Performance Report

Keeping clients on the staircase out of poverty
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This report describes how Fonkoze’s approach to monitoring and managing social performance enabled the organization to respond effectively to crises in Haiti. It shares key outcomes and results for 2010, as measured by Fonkoze’s Social Performance Monitoring and Market Research (Social Impact) department. The report is based on interviews of active, former and additional clients conducted by Social Impact staff.

The data demonstrates high levels of satisfaction with Fonkoze’s programs and services and the various post disaster initiatives of the year. Clients demonstrated progress out of poverty and steady improvements in key socio-economic indicators, despite the significant challenges. Monitoring and evaluation yielded insights on challenges faced by earthquake victims and the effectiveness of Fonkoze’s response. Findings indicate that:

  • Cash grants helped earthquake affected households stabilize and begin recovering;
  • Clients recapitalized and grew their businesses with their new loans;
  • High repayment rates on new loans possibly indicate that clients are managing their credit well and re-establishing their livelihoods.

The report evaluates Fonkoze’s response to the earthquake, the Staircase out of Poverty project, and complementary products and services introduced by Fonkoze. It also presents findings on client exit and Fonkoze’s social performance in 2011.

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