MicroFinance 100: Latin America and Caribbean

Presenting a picture of microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean
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This report is the 2011 edition of “Microfinance Americas: The Top 100” from the Multilateral Investment Fund and the MIX, their annual snapshot of 100 leading MFIs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The report determines rankings on the basis of the institutions’ performance in three key areas, namely outreach, efficiency and transparency.

The report states that the overall picture is positive, with continued growth in microfinance activity in the region. It examines the issue of over-indebtedness and takes a look at what MFIs are doing to increase their credit product offerings. Conclusions include:

  • There is a need for more analysis on effective ways of avoiding over-indebtedness and ensuring that growth is directed in the right ways;
  • MFIs must find effective and responsible ways of reaching new clients and expanding product offerings beyond credit in markets saturated with microcredit;
  • It is necessary to focus on the structural problems currently facing MFIs;
  • MFIs must grow along with their clients and meet new needs that emerge as they move through the microenterprise phase to the small and medium enterprise stages.