Pathways out of the Productive Safety Net Programme: Lessons from Graduation Pilot in Ethiopia

Lessons Learned from the Graduation Pilot in Ethiopia
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This paper presents findings from the qualitative research of the Graduation Pilot in Ethiopia. As part of the Graduation Research team at BRAC Development Institute (BDI), I followed the lives of 22 participants in the Ethiopia Graduation Pilot. Faced with severe food insecurity and scarce livelihood opportunities, much of the rural population depends on the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) administered by the Government of Ethiopia (GoE), for indeterminate periods of time. In response, Relief Society of Tigray (REST) is implementing the pilot in partnership with Dedebit Credit and Savings Institution (DECSI). It is the latest paper to be launched as part of a wider series on qualitative research that have looked at pilots in Haiti, India, and Pakistan.

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By Sengupta, A.