Honduras Remittances Assessment: The Role of Remittances Along the Corredor Seco

Findings and recommendations from in-depth interviews about remittance flows in the region

Remittances provide a critical source of income for hundreds of thousands of Honduran households. Honduran migrants sent over USD 2.96 billion in remittances in 2012, accounting for 15.7% of the country’s GDP.

This assessment explores the role of remittances along Honduras’ Corredor Seco (“Dry Corridor”), a geographic region in Western and Southern Honduras stretching from Guatemala to Nicaragua along the El Salvador border. It is based on in-depth individual interviews with key informants and a series of focus groups with remittance receivers throughout the three western departments of La Paz, Intibucá and Lempira. The findings, analysis, and recommendations are meant to identify ways to leverage remittances to improve the lives of Honduras’ poorest and most vulnerable populations.

About this Publication

By Brogan, K., McGuinness, E. , Alvarez, E.