Financial Capability in Mexico: Results from a National Survey on Financial Behaviors, Attitudes, and Knowledge

Evaluating financial capability in Mexico

This paper presents the results of a nationally representative survey conducted in Mexico on financial behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge. It states that the survey research suggests areas of opportunity to support the Mexican population in sound financial decision making and also contributes to existing scores of consumer financial data. This report describes a baseline measure of the financial capability of the Mexican adult population and covers the following in detail:

  • Describes the Mexican context, rationale for the study, and develops an empirical understanding of the financial capability of the Mexican population;
  • Findings related to daily money management and financial planning behavior and attitudes in Mexico;
  • Decisions regarding the use of financial products and the level of financial knowledge;
  • Summarizes behaviors and attitude into financial capability scores, facilitating the creation of profiles and comparisons among different segments of the population;
  • International comparisons of the financial capability in Mexico;
  • Relationship between financial capability, financial knowledge, and financial inclusion;
  • Policy recommendations to address the key challenges identified in the report;
  • Variation of financial capability and financial inclusion on the basis of factors such as educational attainment, income, employment, and geographic location.

About this Publication

By Reddy, R., Bruhn, M. , Tan, C.