Agent Network Accelerator Survey: Uganda Country Report 2013

Assessing the performance of agent networks in Uganda
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This paper discusses research findings of a study undertaken to understand the operational determinants of success in agent network management in Uganda. The research is based on a national representative sample of over 2,000 mobile money agent surveys conducted in 2013. The paper states that while the number of agents in Uganda is expanding rapidly and profits are high, the next stage of development needs to focus on the quality of products provided. It also highlights the various challenges that agent networks face in the country and suggests possible areas for improvement. Key findings of the paper include:

  • Profits are high, especially in rural areas, with 40% of agents making at least USD 100 per month;
  • The majority of agencies are new, with over 50% of them having been in business for less than one year;
  • Risk of fraud and challenges in communication with the provider, are the most burdensome agent management issues;
  • Daily on an average three transactions are lost per agent due to lack of float, and ten are lost due to system downtime.

About this Publication

By Githachuri, K., McCaffrey, M., Anthony, L., Schiff, A. et al