Why Measuring Child-Level Impacts Can Help Achieve Lasting Economic Change

Measuring the impact of economic strengthening programs on children
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This paper presents an argument for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of child wellbeing related to economic strengthening efforts. It measures the impact of economic strengthening on children, in order to ensure their wellbeing and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Drawing from experience and examination of the evidence base, the paper proposes that:

  • Addressing the wellbeing of the upcoming generation is key to the successful and sustainable alleviation of poverty;
  • Economic strengthening programs have transformative potential for improving the lives of children and youth, but have also yielded negative results in some cases;
  • Substantial gaps remain in understanding of how children and youth are affected by economic strengthening programs.

The paper recommends that practitioners should monitor children’s wellbeing in order to maximize benefits and prevent harm. It also suggests that donors should promote the sector’s accountability on this issue by calling for and funding monitoring, evaluation, and research for child-level impacts related to economic strengthening efforts.

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By Sinclair, M.R., Carmichael, J., Diener, O. , Rutherford, D.