Agent Network Accelerator Survey: Tanzania Country Report 2013

Landscaping the agent network market in Tanzania

This paper discusses the research findings of a study that evaluates the operational determinants of success in agent network management in Tanzania. It is based on a national representative sample of over 2,000 mobile money agent surveys carried out in 2013. The report states that the mobile money market in Tanzania is dynamic and competitive with profitable agents and healthy transaction rates. It also discusses the various challenges in agent network management that the country is facing and suggests opportunities for improvement. Key findings of the study include:

  • Agents are overwhelmingly profitable, with 49% earning at least USD 100 per month in profits, compared to only 40% in Uganda;
  • Over 70% of agencies are new and have been in operation for a year or less demonstrating aggressive growth in the market. However, the small percentage of old agencies suggests that they have a short life-cycle;
  • Rapid growth and the non-exclusivity of agents is putting pressure on agents' liquidity, with five transactions a day being denied due to lack of float;
  • Competition is resulting in better support for agents, with 79% of them receiving training, but improvements are still needed in targeted areas.

About this Publication

By McCaffrey, M., Anthony, L., Schiff, A., Githachuri, K. , Wright, G.A.N.