Microinsurance in Uganda: Country Diagnostic Report on Market and Regulations

Providing recommendations to develop the microinsurance sector in Uganda
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This paper presents the findings of a study on the microinsurance market in Uganda that was undertaken during the first half of 2013. The primary objective of the study is to make recommendations to the Insurance Regulatory Authority for a policy framework for regulating microinsurance. Besides, it also aims to update a previous study undertaken by the Access to Insurance Initiative in 2008. The paper includes a specific focus on understanding the health financing environment in Uganda, including the public financing of healthcare services as well as the market for and operations of health membership organizations (HMOs) and health insurance organizations (HIOs). It covers the following sections in detail:

  • Methodology of the study;
  • Discussion of the health sector in Uganda with a focus on the principal health risks, assessment of health infrastructure, and access to medical care;
  • Overview and analysis of the microinsurance and health microinsurance markets in Uganda;
  • Summary of the proposed National Health Insurance Scheme;
  • Proposals and strategies for the development of the microinsurance and health microinsurance sectors in the country;
  • Analysis of the current legal and regulatory framework and identification of the constraints to the sector’s development;
  • Recommendations for the development of microinsurance regulations.

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