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Assessing the social performance of Indian MFIs
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This paper discusses the ability of Indian MFIs to track and report on social outcomes related to specific development goals particularly financial inclusion and poverty reduction. The paper begins by providing some basic financial and institutional information about a selected sample of MFIs. It also analyzes whether a relationship exists between the gender composition of MFI staff and the development goal of gender equality and women’s empowerment. The analysis for this paper was conducted on the basis of social data submitted voluntarily by Indian MFIs to the Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX). Key conclusions of the research include: 
  • Indian MFIs, like their peers in other countries, still have difficulty reporting outcomes related to their social goals. The paper identifies this as a sign that MFI social performance management practices remain focused on procedures rather than outcomes;
  • Outcome reporting in India is highest for the goal of poverty reduction, although this reporting is not consistent and gaps in data quality exist;
  • Women staff members are still under-represented at the field and management levels of Indian MFIs, a trend especially observed in South Asia, but less so at the board level.

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By Foelster, J., Pierantozzi, A. , Krell, M.