Beyond Vouchers: Meeting Growing Demand for Off-Net P2P Transfers

Examining the efficacy of using mobile vouchers for P2P transfers
This paper examines the role of vouchers in mature mobile money markets and highlights the challenges that providers face in order to create better long-term value for their customers. It examines whether the relevance and sustainability of vouchers are deteriorating as providers seek new, interoperable solutions to meet growing customer demand for direct P2P transactions across networks. The analysis is based on interviews with 12 service providers for whom vouchers have played a significant role in their mobile money service offering. The interviews contribute to a deeper understanding of how vouchers are viewed in different regions and at varying levels of service maturity. Key findings include:
  • Vouchers can be an effective way to lower barriers to trial for potential new users who are required to come to an agent to cash-out their money;
  • Existing mobile money users want to transact with other users regardless of their GSM network, however, vouchers are not adequately meeting this need;
  • Vouchers are becoming an increasingly cumbersome tool for mobile money providers;
  • As the penetration of mobile money services increases and demand for sending money to other mobile money users grows, the relative importance of vouchers will diminish.

About this Publication

By Murphy, A.