The Little Data Book on Financial Inclusion 2015

Providing data on access to financial institutions and financial markets in 143 economies
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The data book is a pocket edition of the Global Financial Inclusion Database published in 2015. It provides 41 country-level indicators of financial inclusion summarized for all adults and disaggregated by key demographic characteristics: gender, age, income, and rural residence. These indicators cover 143 economies and measure how people, save, borrow, make payments, and manage risk in these countries. Each economy for which data is presented in this book is classified as low income, middle income, or high income based on its gross national income (GNI) per capita in 2013. The book also includes summary pages by region and by income group aggregates. The data provided in the book seeks to allow policy makers, regulators, researchers, business people, advocates, development community, and others to focus their efforts more effectively to reach the goal of universal financial inclusion. The book provides comprehensive information on the following aspects:

  • Population and GNI per capita;
  • Number of accounts and mobile accounts;
  • Access to financial institution accounts;
  • Use of account and digital payments in the past year;
  • Domestic remittances, savings, and credit in the past year.

About this Publication

By Klapper, L., Ansar, S., Singer, D. et al