Landscape of Microinsurance in Latin America and the Caribbean 2014: A Changing Market

Key data-driven insights on microinsurance in the region

With the present study, the Microinsurance Network’s World Map of Microinsurance has identified the details of microinsurance activities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) as of 2013. The study analyzes comprehensive data from almost 100 insurance companies in LAC. These companies together manage over 200 microinsurance products with USD 828 million in premiums, and cover almost 8% (or 48.6 million people) of the total population of the region.

As a comprehensive understanding of the environment in which insurers operate is crucial to the sustainability of the microinsurance sector, this study focuses on their needs, providing valuable and actionable market intelligence of emerging trends and vibrant shifts in the various markets throughout the region. An update on the 2011 Landscape of Latin America and the Caribbean, this study was produced to provide insurers with key data-driven insights and perspectives on the state of microinsurance in the region, and looks at trends in distribution, growth in the region, the focus on mass insurance and the business case. 

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