Global Microscope 2015: The Enabling Environment for Financial Inclusion

Annual index and study with financial inclusion indicator scores for 55 countries

This annual index and study by The Economist Intelligence Unit assesses the regulatory environment for financial inclusion across 12 indicators and 55 countries. As with earlier editions, Microscope 2015 is directed towards practitioners, policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders in the area of financial inclusion—to help them evaluate a country’s progress in these areas and to establish where further efforts should be made in order to yield additional benefits.

In addition to the data and indicator scores, the report includes country summaries describing the specific efforts to enhance financial inclusion, as well as the factors that might assist or impede these efforts. The study also includes an Excel-based model of the Index, which allows users to evaluate and compare results by indicators, sub-indicators, countries, or regions. 

Despite a growing appreciation of the importance, and potential value, of financial inclusion, most countries can still improve their enabling environment. Only a handful score more than 75 out of 100 in the rankings, and a majority finish at or below 50. 

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