MIMOSA 2.0: Mapping the (micro)credit Cycle

Establishing a standard framework for measuring credit saturation

The MIMOSA project establishes a standard framework for measuring credit saturation and gives market participants – MFIs, investors, and regulators – a tool that can guide important planning decisions that avoid excessive saturation and overindebtedness, while highlighting areas that remain underserved.

This whitepaper is an introduction to MIMOSA, and includes an extract of scores, a review of the structure and underlying components of the framework, along with the rules and process used to generate penetration and capacity inputs. It explains the risks and mitigants included in the MIMOSA country reports, along with brief summaries of select examples. The paper ends with a back-test of MIMOSA by exploring how the tool would have fared as a predictor of past crises. The appendices provide additional detail on the data and analysis that form the foundation of MIMOSA.

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