2015 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money

Tracking the growth of digital financial services

Mobile money is reaching more than 411 million people globally. Moreover, it is available in 85% of countries where the vast majority of the population lacks access to a formal financial institution. However, while the success to date is to be celebrated, the future success of mobile money depends on the industry’s capacity to adapt to a changing landscape. The findings from the 2015 report provide insights on both current and future trends, giving better visibility on what is changing and how to adapt.

This year, the report highlights four key trends that will impact the industry’s evolution:

  • With an increasingly active customer base, further development of the mobile money ecosystem will be essential to diversify customer usage
  • Operational foundations and agent management remain critical to digitize cash
  • Greater investment will be key for providers to compete in an online world
  • While mobile money is reaching further than ever before, there is still an opportunity to reach underserved segments, particularly women and rural consumers

This report focuses on the state of the mobile money sector and industry trends, covering:

  • Availability and spread of mobile money services globally
  • Access to mobile money services, including both physical access through agent networks and technical access through the mobile interface
  • Adoption and customer activity levels, particularly how mobile money providers drive scale
  • Usage and how the industry is focusing on usage that builds the ecosystem
  • Mobile money revenues and investment

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