Learning from Customer Centricity in Other Industries: A Primer

Practical guidance on how to implement customer-centric approaches within an organization

This Primer is based on research undertaken to determine whether customer centricity could be an approach for FSPs to tackle the urgent customer and company value creation challenges they face. CGAP interviewed customer-centricity experts globally and leading companies across industries, from start-ups that embraced customer centricity from their inception to companies that have embarked on a multi-year transformation to become customer centric. 

The Primer presents the story of customer centricity to readers, including organization heads, middle managers, and company employees, who by definition play a critical role in a company’s ability to be customer centric and realize its benefits. Drawing from this research, the Primer highlights how companies are implementing customer centricity. While the fundamental principles of customer centricity are widely applicable across industries, this Primer also draws attention to the drivers of customer centricity in the financial services industry, highlighting issues that may have particular relevance for financial inclusion service providers. The Primer concludes with practical guidance on how to catalyze the customer-centric transformation in an organization, based on interviews with those who have embarked on the customer-centric journey.

About this Publication

By Burritt, K. , Kilara, T.