Evaluating a Graduation Program for Persons with Disabilities

Addendum to the original evaluation looking at additional six month period

In March 2016, Fonkoze completed a twelve-month pilot, adapting its Chemen Lavi Miyò graduation program to serve 30 persons with disabilities. The pilot was a three-way partnership between Fonkoze, Texas Christian University, and Haiti’s Secretary of State for the integration of persons with disabilities.  On its own, Fonkoze decided to extend the pilot for an additional six month period. This publication is an addendum to the original evaluation. It looks at the additional six months of work.

Fonkoze is very happy with the results of the pilot, and has already used what it learned to integrate persons with disabilities into its standard graduation program for the ultra poor. At the same time, the institution is determined to continuing learning. It now seeks support for a second, larger pilot, hoping to serve 100 – 150 persons and to build in a strong evaluation component.

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