The State of Microinsurance: The Insider's Guide to Understanding the Sector

Insights and expert opinions on product development, distribution and regulation

This second edition of the Microinsurance Network's annual magazine presents the insights and views of 22 experts in the field with regards to innovative developments in the microinsurance industry. The magazine covers a wide variety of topics and issues, from examples of successful distribution channels to index-based livestock insurance, as well as lessons learned supporting regulatory change in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This issue features, for the first time, a dialogue between two prominent health specialists on the topic of Universal Health Coverage and private health insurance. It also features an analysis of microinsurance in the light of behavioral economics, thus stressing the (ir)rationality of clients with respect to microinsurance and the importance to understand customers’ behavior,  when designing and marketing microinsurance products. The magazine further includes a number of interviews with knowledgeable experts in the field featuring Swiss Re, Democrance, RisKnoT, BIMA and MicroSave.

Topics discussed include:

  • Behavioral economics in microinsurance;
  • The contribution of insurance to capital market development;
  • The possibility of benchmarking microinsurance based on key performance indicators;
  • Role of private health insurance in achieving universal health coverage;
  • The concept of bundling with financial and non-financial services.

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