Financial Services for All, A CSFI "Banana Skins" Survey of the Risks in Financial Inclusion

Ranking the top perceived risks facing financial service providers in emerging markets

This report describes the risks in the provision of financial services to people in emerging markets whose access to these services is either limited or non-existent. The findings are based on survey responses from 179 practitioners, investors, regulators and observers in 60 countries in March and April 2016. The study further examines the rapidly changing and expanding financial inclusion landscape to better understand how providers view challenges like new technologies, new market entrants, client repayment capacity, and macro-economic risks. 

This year’s report, the sixth in the series surveying risks facing the inclusive finance industry, embraces a broader scope than previous editions, which focused exclusively on microfinance institutions. The report reflects the advances in the provision of financial services to the base of the economic pyramid and encompasses both established providers and newer entrants like commercial banks, technology companies, and telephone and communication companies.

About this Publication

By Lascelles, D. , Patel, K.