The Bharat Microfinance Report 2016

An in-depth review of primary data on India's microfinance sector
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The Indian microfinance sector has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the past 17 years. The number of institutions providing microfinance services has gone up from a few to several hundred, with almost 40 million clients as of March 2016. 

The objective of this report is to collect primary data on client outreach, loan portfolio and other financials of MFIs in India, including both members and non-members of Sa-Dhan. The report aims to provide analytical information to a wide range of stakeholders to help them understand the current status and the underlying trends in the sector in order to make appropriate decisions that are critical for the development of the industry. 

The first part of the report covers the MFI sector, whereas the second part covers the Self-Help Group (SHG) sector and the Business Correspondent (BC) model, outlined as below: 

  • Overview of the microfinance sector within the larger ambit of financial inclusion;
  • Growth and outreach of MFIs;  
  • Operational and financial aspects of credit services; 
  • Credit Plus Activities;
  • SHG Movement and its role in financial inclusion;
  • Overview of the BC model and other technology-led approaches of financial inclusion.

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