The FinTech Index: Assessing Digital and Financial Inclusion in Developing and Emerging Countries

Measuring a country's demand for FinTech, supportive environment, and risks
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Recognizing the difficulties related to investments in developing and emerging markets, ING’s Economics Department developed this FinTech index that assesses a country’s FinTech environment. 73 developing and emerging economies are included. The index is built on three key concepts that can influence and drive FinTech investment decisions:

  1. The (potential) demand for FinTech-led financial inclusion which considers the urgency for FinTech to financially include individuals as well as MSMEs, especially those located in rural areas far away from bank branches;
  2. The market supply side of FinTech technologies. This is an assessment of a country’s supportive environment for FinTech;
  3. The political and regulatory risk environment. This is a proxy for a country’s investment climate. A country could have a high urgency for FinTech, good infrastructure and ecosystem, but may be less attractive due to an unstable investment climate. As such, it might not fit the investment mandate.

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By Hieminga, G. , Lande, F.