Making the Case for Outcomes Management to Financial Service Providers

How can FSPs take advantage of client outcomes data to strengthen social and financial performance?

Outcomes management refers to a multi-step organizational system for the collection, analysis, and use of outcomes data. This brief demonstrates the "why" and the "what for" of outcomes management by financial service providers. It is intended for financial service providers (FSPs) and stakeholders who work with FSPs that are considering whether to include outcomes management as part of their systems for social performance management; or who already are tracking outcomes, and are interested in different ways to use the findings.

The brief provides answers to the following questions:

  • Why is outcomes management essential for any FSP with a social mission?
  • Specifically, how can an FSP use client outcomes data to make decisions that strengthen the FSP’s performance, both financially and socially?

Understanding this will help an FSP to achieve buy-in within the organization and encourage the board and senior management to take action. 

See also: Guidelines on Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providers, the companion piece to this brief that is designed for FSPs that are ready to improve their outcomes management but need guidance on what steps to take.

About this Publication

By Sinha, F.