Study on the Adoption of Cash-lite Models Among MFIs in India

The current state of cash-lite operations and recommendations for accelerating its use
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The overall push towards cash-lite payments in India in general, and within the microfinance industry in particular, has prompted the need to understand and document the experiences of microfinance institutions going cash-lite, and identify ways to accelerate adoption of cash-lite. This study aims to understand the overall strategic direction regarding cash-lite operations, the current status of cash-lite implementation, and the challenges faced in the adoption of cash-lite models for microfinance.

The study attempts to analyze the experiences of MFIs by including perspectives of practitioners, technology service providers and industry experts, to recommend measures to accelerate adoption of cash-lite operations among MFIs in India. This study was conducted through a number of interviews, and it gathered relevant data to understand industry trends, choke points and perceptions from various stakeholders.