Exploring the Economic and Social Motivations for Child and Youth Friendly Banking: Practices from Georgia, Lebanon, Tanzania and Yemen

Survey findings on the decision-making factors for providers serving the youth market

This study explores the rationale for banks offering financial products for children and youth. Drawing on the cases of financial institutions in Georgia, Lebanon, Tanzania and Yemen, the document examines the strategic aspects that financial institutions need to consider when designing, delivering and evaluating Child and Youth Friendly financial services. By doing so, the study offers valuable insights into recent good practices accentuating the benefits and incentives for other financial institutions worldwide to develop inclusive and sustainable products and services for their youth segments.

In addition to a desk review of multiple existing studies and reports on youth savings and regulatory systems, this comparative analysis consists of a survey of financial service providers. The findings highlight that there is a business case and a social case for developing and offering banking services for children and youth.

About this Publication

By Cepinskas, L. , Penner, J.