Exploring the Spatial Data Landscape and Options for Sustainable Data Collection

Data collection frameworks, methodologies and tools for financial inclusion

This paper explores the current landscape of spatial data for financial inclusion, with a focus on sustainable collection and management. This is a complex topic with no silver bullet and no one-size-fits-all solution. In a bid to recognize this complexity and provide a functional framework for discussion, this paper divides into three sections the issues that surround sustainable spatial data collection. 

  1. The first section examines various data collection frameworks. It looks at the strategic and high-level question of who should, or who is, driving change in the data market.
  2. Section two examines data collection methodologies. It also examines the approaches and options that have been tested and that are being implemented in various markets, and it examines their suitability in various contexts.
  3. The final section gives an overview of the tools available for collecting spatial data and their relative advantages and appropriateness for different markets.

About this Publication

By David Taylor