WhatsApp in War-Torn Yemen Opens Opportunities to Improve Resilience, Livelihood, and Prosperity Through Microfinance Communication Innovation

How can microfinance institutions reach their customers at no additional cost?
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With poor mail services and with a large number of customers who live across a wide range of geographical areas, NMF cannot do a 21st century audit using 19th century technology. With the technology and telecommunication advancements, leveraging such technology provides an opportunity to apply these technologies to reach clients and achieve low transaction costs in the audit function. This paper provides an overview of how NMF has been able to apply the WhatsApp confirmation mechanism to achieve its objectives. The findings provide an opportunity for all organizations in survival mode to lower their transaction costs and leverage telecommunications advancements. WhatsApp can provide an innovative solution to effective communication with minimum marginal cost.

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By Sharaf Alkibsi & Mustafa Hantoush