Understanding Demand for Financial Products Among Young Women in Central Java

Findings from interviews with 400 women across six villages in Indonesia

Indonesia has the world’s third-largest youth population of 15–25-year-olds. Estimated at around 43 million, these young people represent 17 percent of the national population. In this publication, as part of its Low-Income Lives series, MicroSave highlights the results from its research on the perceptions around existing financial products and the need for new ones among the Central Java’s rural youth.

The findings in this study are important for financial service providers that wish to offer financial services to young women. The insights gathered highlight the need to conduct a detailed examination of youth segment elsewhere too, in order to develop and effectively market customized financial services which meet the different lifecycle stages of young women of 15–25 years.

About this Publication

By Abhishek Gupta, Neeraj Lal, Premasis Mukherjee , Sonmani Choudhary