Blended Finance 2.0 – Giving Voice to the Private Sector

Survey of private investors on their views and objectives for participating in blended finance

This paper builds on BlueOrchard’s long-standing experience with blended finance funds. It examines how to shape blended finance structures in order to ensure the contributions of different investors and to unlock private capital at scale to achieve the SDGs. The study includes a survey of BlueOrchard’s private investors, exploring their motivations and considerations when investing in blended finance funds.

The paper presents the findings of this survey, aiming at giving voice to the private sector by conveying their views, objectives and expectations. The main findings of the survey show: 1) the desire of private investors for blended finance mandates, and 2) their requirements and preferences in regards to a number of variables that can be tailored to ensure the broader participation of the private sector.

About this Publication

By Maria Teresa Zappia & Nadina Stodiek