Inclusive Finance India Report 2018

Evidence on the annual trends and progress of financial inclusion in India
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This report covers a review of the performance of diverse institutional structures and delivery models in inclusive finance in India – including commercial banks, Regional Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks, new specialized banks, non-bank finance companies, self-help groups and microfinance institutions. The report covers the initiatives in digital technology that address the last mile delivery challenges and provides an overview of some new initiatives. It also tracks the performance of government programs and schemes to promote financial inclusion.

The report aims to inform the policy development process on inclusive finance, inform banks and investors both national and international, highlight positive impact of various institutions, models and initiatives and identify policy and practice gaps. The methodology included consultations with the Reserve Bank of India, Ministry of Finance, banks, apex financial institutions, technology services providers, diverse delivery models and technical agencies.

About this Publication

By Alok Misra & Ajay Tankha